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Kevin Buckingham at Elwood Blues Club
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Kevin Buckingham 25th February 2018

Front man for the Kevin Buckingham Band, Kevin has been a part of the Melbourne music scene since the 70’s, both in notable bands and writing promotions for major radio outlets. Kevin started playing guitar [more…]

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Alex Burns at Elwood Blues Club
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Alex Burns 4th March 2018

Alex started playing harmonica in his native Glasgow at the age of five. Drawn to the black music of soul, R&B and reggae in London in the late 60’s, he soon discovered the blues with [more…]

Liza Ohlback at Elwood Blues Club
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Liza Ohlback 18th March 2018

Just a little on the burlesque side of New Orleans, Liza Ohlback has been singing the blues since her early days with Richard Clapton, Jon Steven and Tony Neville (Neville Brothers). Liza starred for three [more…]

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  • Elwood Blues Club Jamtage #31
     Originally Published on 8 January 2018 A 3-1….A verb meaning to mount a big comeback or to win despite a very low probability. Featuring EBC’s finest (in order of appearance): Shane Pacey, Greg Dodd, [more...]

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